Make Life Easier Using These Hacks

Make Life Easier Using These Hacks


When I had projectd I wanted to get done at home, it was particularly frustrating when I couldn’t seem to just solve the problem Read more

9Energy efficient home ideas! | No speakers, no problem! Boost the sound using this hack!

I had no speakers (because they broke) and I needed more volume for my music, it’s the only way I can get through my household chores, but I wanted energy efficient home ideas to be the focus for this task. Enters my acoustic solution…I grabbed an empty, dry soup bowl (speaker side facing the bottom) turned the music on; it was like I had a mini Bose set up! Try it!



its a super easy and effective DIY for removing a sunburn.

This DIY was Best to me by my friends mother, She was a nurse. I Know this Really works For a painful sunburn And remove it Fast. more

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