While His Wife Was Away He Decided To Redecorate The House. She’s In For A Real Surprise.

Her husband made her call to ask whether she arrived, and then he got this prank idea

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Wife prank was planned after she left home for some work

As wife left for some work her husband and children was home alone, so daddy decided to do this prank with her wife

Wife left for some work and husband with her son was alone at home. Husband calls her wife to ask whether he should let their son play or not after getting permission they started this one of the best wife prank . They ordered hundreds of small balls of every color and they scatter it all in house. Whole house was giving a look like a swimming pool filled with colorful balls. when she was about to reach home they tied bags of balls with doors. As she opened the door she faced a tsunami of colors balls onto her , she hardly withstand these balls and was about to slip. Then she entered house and was realy surprised to see all that.

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